A Letter from Nick Stellino

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

To whom it may concern,

I have known, and worked with Mr. Jean Claude Persais for the last 12 years. We first worked together in 1997, when I filmed a special segment of my television series at AQUA Restaurant, in San Francisco.
Over the years, I have come to know Jean Claude as a colleague, and a friend. In the perilous world of the Restaurant business, there are very few individuals who stand out as giants amongst the crowd. Jean Claude does this through his impeccable standards, reputation and the sheer size of his achievements.

He is a master in the arts of culinary hospitality, who understands the intricate dance of the “front of the house”. Through his eyes, I have come to see that the true definition of “service “, is not simply relegated to the timely delivery of food from the kitchen, rather, it is the deployment of an articulated philosophy of life, that encompasses everything from, kindness, strength, hospitality, empathy, and care, all of which is wrapped in a shroud of class and style, while being delivered with the artistic elegance of a choreographed ballet.

Watching Jean Claude at work is comparable to the rare witnessing of an artist creating a masterpiece, and what is even more remarkable is that he makes this happen night after night at the Restaurant.
Jean Claude possesses the innate skills and generosity of spirit, that make him one of the foremost teachers of his profession. I have seen many young talented managers grow into fabulous restaurant executives under the caring directives of Jean Claude’s attentive teachings.

“There are those who teach, and there are those who do”. Jean Claude is one of the few who is able to articulate both disciplines with the class, panache, and effectiveness. He has a style that is unique and unforgettable. Furthermore, he has the ability to share his knowledge, and help others hone their own craft.

It is my humble opinion that a man of his caliber would make a first rate addition to any team whose ambition is to be the best in the business!!


Nick Stellino